Friday, November 19, 2010

Handled By the Medical Safety Administration

Rejoice America! Help is on the way to rescue you from those ham-fisted unprofessional exams at airport screenings!

Soon, the Medical Safety Administration (MSA) will emerge from the Obama Health Insurance law to deliver you from unneeded medical screening exams, and will then (certainly) move on to non-medical ports of entry.

The US Preventative Screening Task Force (USPSTF) is the sole arbiter of medical screening in ObamaCare, so here are some highlights of USPSTF recommendations for the bashful:

NO recommended skin checks (visual or using scanner)

NO recommended ovary checks!

NO testicular exam!

NO rectal exams!

NO breast exams! Not even self breast exams!

SO, at your local MSA outpost(aka doctor's office)----no one will "TOUCH [YOUR] JUNK".

When the U.S. puts the MSA in charge of both medical and airport screening, all you hassled travelers can rest easy, at least until we get out the colonoscopes.

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