Thursday, September 29, 2011

"hCG" Redux

I've seen much more of the "hCG" nonsense since my previous post.

I had a (very tall and obese) 11 year-old boy brought in by his father's female friend to receive my stamp of approval for "hCG" drops and the 500 calorie diet. She hoped to recruit me in her war against his mother (who refused the scheme, thinking it crazy).

Hal Dall, MD: "It's not appropriate, 500 calories are too few for a growing child".

Ms. Fireworks: (at 100 db) "Why do you want him fat?!? Do you want him dead? His mother is killing him"! etc. [rant]

HDMD: "He needs a balanced, moderately low calorie diet. 500 calories is too low".

Ms.F: "You want him fat? Why do you want him to get fatter?" etc. [rants more]

HDMD: "He'd lose weight on a balanced low calorie diet, and I'd be happy to refer him to a dietician for it".

Ms.F:(at 110 db) "That won't work!! He needs the "hCG"! He can't lose without it! His mother feeds him toasted cheese sandwiches! Is THAT the diet you want for him? Toasted cheese sandwiches? ...[rants longer and louder]

After a sharp exchange she accused me of child abuse for not giving approval to her scheme and she stamped out of the office.

I've not encountered the lady again, but the boy has since dropped from BMI 34 to 30.1 in the 8 months since his mom instituted a 1800 kcal diet with consistent exercise.

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