Monday, April 20, 2009

Make Your Own Parabiotic kit

The NEW! ALL-NATURAL! ORGANIC! Way to Maintain Health!

Introducing the

Make-Your-Own -PARABIOTIC Kit

From the Eliminates Network
Makers of Cuzco Copro Gold®!

Stay Healthy with Food, not Chemicals!
Parabiotics enhance your protection from harmful bacteria.

Biotic means living thing. We all know how anti-biotics are anti-living things!
That means anti-biotics are Anti-You! The Synthetic Chemicals which kill!

Recover from Anti-biotics!
Fix your Flora!
Fight Infection!
Feel the Force!

In recent years probiotics have been used to help your own natural good bacteria and to recover from anti-biotics. Although probiotics are helpful they are incomplete. Our Penspore System® Parabiotic comes alongside (para) you and your bacteria and attacks bad bacteria trying to assault you and your good bacteria. Unlike anti-biotics, the Penspore System® has No Harmful Synthetic Chemicals, and is an All-Natural and Organic FOOD!

Our kit is easy to use with these simple steps.

1) Take a loaf of Organic Whole Grain Bread and wet with pure bottled spring water
2) Sprinkle with the contents of our PENSPORE® packet and seal into HyphLife® Bag
3) Place in a warm location for 3 days until it’s green(color of Life) and white(color of Purity)!
4) Eat one slice twice daily for health maintenance and 2 slices four times a day for illness

The Penspore System® is optimized for use with Cuzco Copro Gold®. Both Products are available from your nearest Eliminates Network Associate or at

Buy 3 months supply of the Penspore System® for only $89.99 when you buy 3 months of Cuzco Copro Gold®!

As always with our products, your complete satisfaction guaranteed or no money back!

Not to be used by those with a penicillin allergy

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