Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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You too can have the HEALTH of the INCAS™



The Health Food of the Andes™

The secret to the long life and wealth of the Incas.

Have you ever wondered how the Incas developed an advanced civilization while Europe languished in the Dark Ages? How did they survive and prosper in mountaintop cities? Where did they obtain the strength and endurance to live in such a demanding environment?

The Incas hid their secret from the Spaniards who stole the wrong riches! Today, science has revealed what was forgotten, so that you may be restored to the health you deserve!

Today, YOU can use the secret food and obtain the HEALTH of the INCAS™

Eliminates, Inc. is pleased to bring you the residue of years of scientific research, so that you can live life to the fullest. For many years, researchers have known of the amazing power of alfalfa supplements for health. Animals can live and prosper on a diet of naught else, but the humans digestive tract can no longer fully digest it, having withered on the modern refined food diet. Consequently the ordinary forms of alfalfa will cure constipation but its true power is masked. CUZCO COPRO GOLD® is produced by an ancient South American process using Organic acids, probiotics, enzymes, heat, moisture and mastication to break down the alfalfa cell walls and release its power to you! It Binds Toxins, Removes Impurities, Tunes Neurons and Supports the Immune System!

Do you have any Dizziness. Weakness, Fatigue, Joint Pain, Tiredness, Lack of Energy?
Do you have Trouble Losing Weight, Diminished Memory, Poor Immune System, Depression?
Have you ever had a Headache, Insomnia, Skin Rash, Dry Skin, Chemical Allergy?
Do you have Bowel Trouble, Candida, Toenail Fungus or Mercury Amalgam Syndrome?

CUZCO COPRO GOLD® may help you overcome these problems and more!!

Be Warned!! Most American doctors will poo-poo our product because of Greed. The AMA and the Big Drug Companies don’t want you to get well!! They want to keep you Sick so they can get rich! When your tell doctor about CUZCO COPRO GOLD® watch his reaction. If he gives you THAT LOOK you know he’s been bought! But some honest Doctors have Seen the Light and Recommend it to patients!

CUZCO COPRO GOLD® comes in all-natural pellets which can be ground if necessary. The product has been extensively pastureized and is ready to eat. Take thrice daily as food.

This Nutraceutical product is not available in stores, but only through Qualified Health Professionals in the Eliminates Network, and through our website:

Only $69.99 for a one month supply. SPECIAL OFFER!! Buy 2 months supply for the price of 3!!!
Your complete satisfaction guaranteed or no money back!


The Health Food of the Andes™

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